Monday, September 21, 2009

search of an answer to the mystery called "life"...

dunno what i am heading towards,
the destination seems so distant...
promising myself to stick to the path,
even if alone, alone i shall walk.

with the hopes enlightening the way,
and the belief to help me go on,
the daunting past, as woeful as it was..
tries to wither, but my will stands strong.

the pieces seem to fall off places,
and make way for the paranoiac void,
something in me seems so incomplete..
but it does pass away, coz it should be gone.

the decision is made and i fully stand by it,
whatever comes along, it'll be gotten over...
the path is dark with thorns all along,
but i know, and i will, keep the flame on.
and on, and on, as long as i am not gone!!

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