Monday, September 21, 2009

Its jst a BEGINNING......."
My dream world is over,
every thing that used to make me flatter.
Has now shatter.
like a glass pane
or a sand castle in rain.
I am so happy i used to say
since evry thing used to be my way
but i was so wrong
Life always doesn't sing the same song

Am i happy? Am i sad?
Is it gud or bad?
but i am the same.
tryin to play the old game.
The game of laughter the game of fun
but now not under the rainbow but in the sun.
Sun is for ever not the rain
as life is not always the same.

But i hav never learnt to bend.
so for me this is not the end
this jst the sunrise.
I can already see the brighter side.
but this time its not a dream or a story,
it is my reality.
I can hear the real world callin.

"Its jst a BEGINNING......."


Waiting For That Tomorrow
When There Will Be No Sorrow
With The Kind Of Happiness
To Replace All My Loneliness

Waiting For That Tomorrow
When Me Could Finally Borrow
The Sweet Company Of You
With Me, And Nothing Else To Do

Waiting For That Tomorrow
When I Won't Need The Sparrow
Which Though Turns Pale
Pretending As If It Follow My Tale
Waiting For That Tomorrow


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