Thursday, December 11, 2008

your attitude around with you

You carry your attitude around with you, like a pair of glasses that tints your perception of the world. In the extreme, there is no world at all, just our interpretation of it. Think of Descartes’ famous quote: “I think, therefore I am”

I’ m the one who want to rule out all those people who are around or relate to me, I’m the one who knows how to behave with the other person, I don’t know whom I would select to be my best buddy who can spend his/her time with me for summer holidays or for long drive. I’m a bit proudly because I believe in few things and these things are the best and so special to me cause I have selected them by myself.
If I’m asked to describe a person standing besides me, who is counted good in every aspect it would be a really difficult job for me cause the Best can’t describe a good one and I know I’m de Best so don’t venture to be so nice and goody with me Be the Best.
Manthan Aryan

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