Saturday, September 5, 2009

Your freedom's not free of dumb

Marilyn Manson…

“Your freedom's not free of dumb
This depression is great
The defamation age “

“Nothing suffocates you more than
the passing of everyday human events
Isolation is the oxygen mask you make
your children breath into survive”

“I'm not a slave to world
that doesn't give a shit”

“the death of one is a tragedy
but death of a million is just a statistic”

“We are the nobodies
we wanna be somebodies
when we're dead,
they'll know just who we are”

“your world is an ashtray
we burn and coil like cigarettes
the more you cry your ashes turn to mud
it's the nature of the leeches,
you've only spent a second of your life

my world is unaffected, there is an exit here
I say it is and then it's true,
there is a dream inside a dream,
I'm wide awake the more I sleep
you'll understand when I'm dead”.

I see the world through different eyes...
They are not mine but they never tell lies...
Its a new beginning , a new start , a new break..
It feels as good as the Almighty could ever make...
No longer do i fear to lose..
This time it was a life which i did myself choose..
Hoping to live my dreams again..
No am not eccentric and not insane..
Yes i dare...hence forgive you..and your mistakes..
Its nothing but the past that has taken me to this wonderous place

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