Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Life's all abt'em...


Life's all abt'em...

The hardest part of life,
is letting someone live it for you.
Wishing you could step up,
instead you step down.
Time is ticking, seconds are passing.
So do what you heart desires.
Not what your friends
think is best.
If you have an opinion, speak up!
Don't be afraid of what people think.
Lead the way, don't follow.
You have many experiences to discover.
Let the critics laugh, or stare.
In their mind they are just jealous.
Be the best you can be.
Let your worst flow away.
Don't frown, you never know who's
falling in love with your smile.
Keep your chin up
and show what you're made of.
Be who you want to be
not a disgrace.
You are still a work in progress not a mistake.
This is the present not the past.
Don't lie around searching for sympathy.
You'll miss out on life.

Being young has its privileges.
Being older has its advantages.
Life depends on choices.
Take the path to freedom,
or the path to nowhere
The choice is yours.
You decide...


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