Monday, September 28, 2009

Life is a mystery

Life is a mystery,truely it is
holding the unrevealed secrets with in

Life is a game,played by all
Having thrills at every level

Life is a beauty,filled with love
Holding the pretty eyes of the beholder

Life is a lake,to be crossed
With a ship called love & friendship

Life is a mirror,shows truely
what U are & what have u been

Life is a puzzle,straining ur mind
Holding the toughest things to be solved

Life is a gift, given by GOD
filled with everything,u needed to live

Life is a duty,assigned to urself
Performing it to the best of ur level

Life is a song, so soothing it is!
Holding the melody of the melodiest tune

Life is a journey,in the path so tough
that is to be completed by every being

Life is a promise, by us to GOD
which is to be fulfilled at every cost

Life is for urself,learning ur heart
Heading forward,with courage & love!

I never Loved another person the way I Loved myself

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