Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'll be तेरे..............

"अगर जिन्दगी के किसी मोड़ पर जब तुम्हें कोई फैसला करना हो तो अपने दिल की बात सुन लेना क्योकि दिल भले ही लैफ्ट में हो . मगर हमेशा राइट होता हे"

Life is long ,we'll meet smwhere,
don't say bye, i'll always be there.

I'll be there in the dark phases of ur life,
and i'll be there when joy n happiness appear after strife.
I'll be there when loneliness n distress surround u,
and i'll be there when success n cheer r present around u.

I'll be there to watch over when u r asleep,
and i'll be there to care for ur weep.
I'll be there to prompt u when u r low,
and i'll be there to cherish all ur shows.

I'll be there in the dark,
and i'll be there in the light
i'll be there when u r apart,
and i'll be there even if u hide.

I'll be there as the seasons show there charm one by one,
and i'll be there as the years pass turning u older n stunt.


1. A successful leader is that who can produce leaders rather than producing followers.
2. Success mean your ability to go from one failure to another without losing your enthusiasm towards attaining the objectives.
3. Success is merely not a question of Luck or genius. It mostly depends on your ability to persist despite odds, temporarily set-backs n adversities & failures.
Have faith, have faith, have faith....on yourself. Let whatever be there in your way:
Challenge it,
Play it,
Run it over!!!!!!!!!!

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